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Ethereum Vault
Connector (EVC)

The EVC is an open-source project designed to connect ERC-4626 and other types of vaults on Ethereum to enable their use as collateral for one another.

It helps developers build their own lending protocols, stablecoins, yield aggregators, margin trading apps, and more.

Why build on the EVC?

Unified interoperability layer

Bootstrap your lending product easily by connecting the vaults and recognizing existing deposits as collateral.

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Underlying asset flexibility

Create lending products backed by irregular asset classes, such as RWAs, NFTs, IOUs, or synthetics.

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Generalised flash loans and batching

Allow the EVC to defer the account and vault status checks until the end of list of operations touching multiple accounts and vaults.

Generalised flash loans and batching

Advanced position management

Allow external contracts to act on behalf of your account and implement position managers, conditional orders, custom liquidation flows, intent-based systems.

Advanced position management

Make innovation a priority and concentrate on generating value. While you explore new possibilities, leave the complexities to be managed by the EVC.

Getting started


Get started with simple examples in the EVC playground. Learn how to use the EVC to build your own products.

Start Building

EVC workshops

View videos on how to get started building out your own lending protocols, stable coins, yield aggregators, margin trading apps, and more on the EVC.

Building vaults

Learn more about building vaults on Ethereum, and the ERC-4626 standard.

Security partners

The EVC has been reviewed by some of the top security people in web3.
So far it has undergone 2 security reviews, 4 audits, and formal verification, with more to come.

Audit and formal verification
Trail of bits

Bug bounty

Report a bug